CBN News Sunday: Fighting Tyranny, Ancient Lessons for Today

On CBN News Sunday, June 14: One of the world’s oldest documents establishing certain civil and human...

By / July 4, 2015

Angels Win 8-2 in 1st Game Vs. Texas Since Trading Hamilton

Over Josh: Angels win 8-2 in 1st game vs. Texas since sending Hamilton back to the Rangers

By ABC / July 4, 2015

Pentagon's vaunted F-35 earns lousy review from test pilot in secret report

By Fox / July 4, 2015

The Tragedy of Glenn Ford

On November 5, 1983, a jewelry shop owner named Isadore Rozeman in Shreveport, La., was murdered in a robbery....

By Matt / July 3, 2015

Helicopter Instructor, Student Pilot Die in Oregon Crash

Helicopter instructor, student pilot die in training flight near Newberg

By ABC / July 3, 2015

Judge recognizes accused burglar as middle school classmate

By Fox / July 3, 2015

Fixing Urban Schools Without Fixing Poverty Is Possible

Are urban schools paying too little attention to stress and its classroom effects? This week, I’m sharing...

By Conor / July 3, 2015

A Child's Future Shouldn't Hinge on Her Zip Code

The AARP lobbies for federal spending on old people. Do young people need an analog? This week, I’m...

By Conor / July 3, 2015

1980s file shows plan for Hong Kong 'plantation' in Northern Ireland

By Fox / July 3, 2015

Major Customers Unfazed by Electrolux's GE Buy

If General Electric sells its appliance business to rival Electrolux, will home builders and property...

By / July 4, 2015

400-Foot Ferris Wheel Stops: All 66 Riders Safely Taken Off

Authorities: All 66 riders safely removed from 400-foot Ferris wheel that stopped in Florida

By ABC / July 4, 2015

Donald Trump: Whose voters is he stealing?

Polling is a zero-sum game: The rise of Donald Trump means other folks have fallen. Then again, in the 2012...

By Christian / July 3, 2015

Sidney Blumenthal Ran the State Department?

Sidney Blumenthal, trusted adviser to Hillary Clinton, ended up running the State Department without...

By Spencer / July 3, 2015

US Senator Pushes Amendment to Shift Power Back to States

Sen. Mike Enzi introduces constitutional amendment to redistribute power back to states

By ABC / July 3, 2015

The ‘Deep Discomfort’ With Talking About Sexuality in a Religious Context

There’s been lots of gay-marriage news in America lately. Yes, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex...

By Emma / July 3, 2015

White House: Include Costs of Climate Change in Federal Budget

Well, climate change/global warming costs will be put into federal government budgets whether you like...

By Spencer / July 3, 2015

Pope Francis and the American Culture War

In September, Pope Francis will visit the United States for the very first time. His trip is guaranteed...

By Emma / July 3, 2015

Oil Pipeline Inspection Tools: Far From Perfect

Oil pipeline companies like to brag that their advanced testing methods and remote monitoring technology...

By / July 3, 2015

Photo: Hundreds turn out to Melbourne, Victoria, rally to stand in solidarity for Greece - @abbydinham

Photo: Hundreds turn out to Melbourne, Victoria, rally to stand in solidarity for Greece - @abbydinham

By Stephanie / July 4, 2015

5 Extremely Good Reasons to Stop Checking In While on Vacation

A growing number of executives check in once a day or more while they're on break. Here's why that's...

By Minda / July 4, 2015

Selma Director Passes on Marvel's Black Panther

Contrary to prior reports, Ava DuVernay will not direct Marvel's Black Panther movie. While the Selma...

By Alex / July 3, 2015

Zero Escape Volume 3 Revealed

In the first half of 2016, Zero Escape Volume 3 will make it's way 3DS and PlayStation Vita for North...

By Miranda / July 3, 2015

Photo: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal holds a firearm during a campaign stop at Capital Armament in Sibley, Iowa - @BobbyJindal

Photo: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal holds a firearm during a campaign stop at Capital Armament in Sibley,...

By Shelley / July 3, 2015

9 Powerful Books Elon Musk Recommends

Elon Musk's must-read list exhibits his well-known and deep interest in science as well as the personalities...

By Geoffrey / July 3, 2015

10 Loyalty Lessons From Brands with Superfans & 15 Other Articles You Missed This Week

Dave Kerpen shares his favorite articles from this week.

By Dave / July 3, 2015

What Makes Silicon Prairie the Friendliest Tech Hub Ever

Silicon Valley has long been revered as the Tech Hub of America and for good reason with tech giants...

By Drew / July 3, 2015

The 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners On Reference Checks

References can often predict a candidate's future.

By Quora / July 3, 2015