Injured 9/11 Firefighter Wins $5 Million Lottery

"My mind became blank" after scratching off the ticket.

By ABC / July 4, 2015

Alex Rodriguez receives milestone ball as dispute with Yankees ends

By Fox / July 4, 2015

What's the Best Way to Understand the World?

What mindset best helps humans to attain true understanding? This week, I’m sharing responses to the question,...

By Conor / July 4, 2015

The High Stakes of Singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’

On July 25, 1990, the comedian Roseanne Barr stood in San Diego’s Jack Murphy Stadium before a baseball...

By John / July 4, 2015

UN Nuke Chief Says Iran Probe Could Be Done by Year's End

UN official: Probe of alleged Iran nuke arms work within reach _ if Tehran cooperates

By ABC / July 4, 2015

Police identify motel intruder shot by ex-CNN reporter

By Fox / July 4, 2015

CBN News Sunday: Fighting Tyranny, Ancient Lessons for Today

On CBN News Sunday, June 14: One of the world’s oldest documents establishing certain civil and human...

By / July 4, 2015

Angels Win 8-2 in 1st Game Vs. Texas Since Trading Hamilton

Over Josh: Angels win 8-2 in 1st game vs. Texas since sending Hamilton back to the Rangers

By ABC / July 4, 2015

Pentagon's vaunted F-35 earns lousy review from test pilot in secret report

By Fox / July 4, 2015

Union Denounces Release of Officer Names in Police Shootings

Union challenges decision to release names of officers in police-involved shootings

By ABC / July 4, 2015

Greek, German Tensions Turn to Resentment

Whatever the outcome of Greece’s bailout referendum, tensions between Greeks and Germans over the debt...

By / July 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton E-mail Dump Revealed Favors, Backroom Dealings

One Clinton Foundation donor negotiated backroom favors and dealings, at least that’s what the e-mails...

By Spencer / July 4, 2015

Obama’s HHS wants You to Talk to Family about ObamaCare on July 4th

Because patriotism and ObamaCare go hand-in-hand, according to Obama and his administration.

By Spencer / July 4, 2015

Hillary Clinton has raised $45 million in campaign contributions so far (+video)

The chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign says more than 90 percent of the donations...

By Christian / July 4, 2015

Happy July 4th to America!

It’s Independence Day as America celebrates her 239th year of declaring independence from the British...

By Spencer / July 4, 2015

Ready for Bernie? Democratic Hopeful holds Largest Rally Yet

At least 10,000 people attended the rally for Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate and hopeful against...

By Spencer / July 4, 2015

Independence for All

Colbert King, Washington PostThere are aspects of the American Revolution that are neither well known...

By Colbert / July 4, 2015

Full Episode: Nightline 07/03/15: The Fight Over Los Angeles's Giga-Mansions

The Fight Over Los Angeles's Giga-Mansions; Luxury Bunkers Provide High-End Doomsday Comfort

By ABC / July 4, 2015

Series of attacks, mainly car bombs, kill at least 19 people in and around Baghdad, Iraq - @AP

Series of attacks, mainly car bombs, kill at least 19 people in and around Baghdad, Iraq - @AP

By Shelley / July 4, 2015

Women Are Waving The Entrepreneurial Flag And Boosting Economic Growth

The number of women launching high-growth businesses is a bottomline indicator of America's future economic...

By Kelly / July 4, 2015

Shenmue 3 PS4 Physical Version Added to Kickstarter

The Shenmue III Kickstarter has added a new reward tier, granting those who pay $60 the option to get a physical...

By Alex / July 4, 2015

True Detective: Are You Going to Stick With Season 2?

A few weeks back True Detective's second season started up and was instantly met with resistance by some....

By Matt / July 4, 2015

Stars, Stripes, And Startups: Here’s Why The Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Unique To The USA

Even surfers here know that they could become billionaires, so they are more likely to start their own companies.

By Quora / July 4, 2015

7 Stages of the Entrepreneur's Life Cycle: From Independence to Interdependence

Celebrate your accomplishments as you spend time with your friends and family members today. Know where...

By Bill / July 4, 2015

Kurdish fighters advance on Islamic State-held Raqqa - @AJEnglish

Kurdish fighters advance on Islamic State-held Raqqa - @AJEnglish

By Sean / July 4, 2015

The One Key Characteristic That All Millionaires Have

Can it be that millionaires all have one thing in common? Some think so.

By Chris / July 4, 2015

Massive Anime Expo Cosplay Gallery

Each year, Anime Expo proves to be one of the marquee destinations for cosplay in the US, and 2015 is no exception....

By Chris / July 4, 2015