The Racial Imbalances of Special Education

Is special education racist? That was the question posed in a recent New York Times op-ed by two researchers...

By J. / July 6, 2015

Grain Lower, Livestock Lower

Grain lower on the CBOT, beef mostly lower, pork lower on the CME

By ABC / July 6, 2015

What Schools Will Do to Keep Students on Track

Desiree Cintron’s name used to come up a lot during “kid talk,” a weekly meeting at Chicago’s...

By Kate / July 6, 2015

Rich Kids Study English

In 1780, John Adams wrote a letter to his wife, Abigail, in which he laid out his plans for what his children...

By Joe / July 6, 2015

Greek finance minister resigns, lauds voters' 'brave' rejection of bailout

By Fox / July 6, 2015

Greek Finance Minister Resigns After Bailout Vote

Yanis Varoufakis announced his resignation in an online post.

By ABC / July 6, 2015

'90 Minutes in Heaven' Resurrects on the Big Screen

It's a story that's captured hearts around the world and addresses the question, "What happens after...

By / July 6, 2015

Can Insulin Pills Prevent Diabetes?

Doctors are looking at the effects of an insulin pill for treating potential diabetics.

By / July 6, 2015

MEDIA BUZZ: After long drought, Hillary to broaden media access, grant more interviews

By Fox / July 6, 2015

World War Two Jokes during Women’s World Cup Offends People

Slate ran an article about how insensitive and tasteless it was for Twitter to make World War Two jokes...

By Spencer / July 6, 2015

Hero4 Session Review: GoPro Shrinks the Camera Again

The new Hero4 Session isn’t GoPro’s best-quality camera. But its simplicity and size—about that...

By / July 6, 2015

Greece Rejects E.U. Bailout in a Vote, Premier says it was Brave

So rejecting a bailout by the European Union without a plan to fund the country is a “brave choice”?

By Spencer / July 6, 2015

How the Health Law Is Reducing Competition

Scott Gottlieb, WSJThe urge to merge is sweeping managed health care. Aetna announced Friday a $37 billion...

By Scott / July 6, 2015

VIDEO: Fox News’ Brit Hume says Hillary’s E-mail Scandal is “So Clinton-esque”

Well, isn’t it?! Hillary Clinton just doing the Clinton thing, as usual.

By Spencer / July 6, 2015

Bomb Attacks kill 15 People in Iraq

Fox News reported: “Authorities in Iraq say bombings targeting Shiite districts have killed 15 people...

By Spencer / July 6, 2015

Florida Man Faces Sentencing for Having Sex on the Beach

Florida man will learn Monday whether he will go to prison for having sex on the beach

By ABC / July 6, 2015

Donald Trump: Whose voters is he stealing?

Polling is a zero-sum game: The rise of Donald Trump means other folks have fallen. Then again, in the 2012...

By Christian / July 6, 2015

Why Won't Hillary Clinton Talk to Reporters?

Howard Kurtz reported on Sunday night that the Hillary Clinton campaign has decided to open itself to more...

By David / July 6, 2015

Amazon "Prime Day" Promises "More Deals Than Black Friday"

The e-commerce retailer plans to offer thousands of deals on July 15 in the nine countries that have...

By Associated / July 6, 2015

PS4 Release Date For Vanishing of Ethan Carter Confirmed

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 15. Developer The Astronauts teased...

By Vikki / July 6, 2015

Kojima Releasing Alternative Metal Gear E3 Gameplay Video

Hideo Kojima has announced he will release an alternate version of the Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain...

By Luke / July 6, 2015

"You Might Very Well Be the Cause of Cancer": Read Bernie Sanders' 1970s-Era Essays

Last month Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent socialist seeking the Democratic presidential...

By Tim / July 6, 2015

5 Leadership Lessons From the U.S. Women's World Cup Team

The US Women's World Cup team wasn't without its controversy. But its consistent winning shows uncanny...

By Chris / July 6, 2015

Apple projected to underperform smartphone market in 2016 - @MarketsTicker

Apple projected to underperform smartphone market in 2016 - @MarketsTicker

By Rebecca / July 6, 2015

How to Lead without Carrots or Sticks

A true leader doesn't need threats to get people to follow them. If you want to gain those skills, try these...

By Suzanne / July 6, 2015

Why Nobody Knows What Will Happen in Greece Now

Forget rational negotiation. The EU and Greece are on a collision course in an emotional game of Chicken.

By Erik / July 6, 2015

The Idaho Family Business Keeping the West Wild

Southeastern Idaho's Cowboy Cordage has become the go-to source for the ranchers and rodeo stars whose...

By Leigh / July 6, 2015