Oregon launches program to tax drivers by the mile

By Fox / July 3, 2015

Lind's RBI Single in 11th Lifts Brewers Over Phillies 8-7

Adam Lind's RBI single in 11th gives Brewers 8-7 win over Phillies and 4-game sweep

By ABC / July 3, 2015

¡Adiós Maria! Sesame Street’s beloved neighbor retires after 44 years

By Fox / July 2, 2015

Leopard Mauls Guide's Arm in Attack in South African Park

Leopard mauls guide in attack on vehicle carrying tourists in South African wildlife park

By ABC / July 2, 2015

Media Matters staff: Fox News Contributor Instructs GOP Presidential Candidates To Follow Trump's Lead On Immigration

From the July 2 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:Previously:  Fox News Rallies To Defend...

By Media / July 2, 2015

Media Matters staff: O'Reilly's Hypocrisy: Admits He Won't Tolerate Interviewers Asking About His Lies, But Blackballs Guests Who Avoid His Questions

From the July 2 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor: O'REILLY: When I go on as an interview subject,...

By Media / July 2, 2015

The Myth of a Teacher’s ‘Summer Vacation’

In a freshly painted fifth-grade classroom, Natalie Klem sits with a group of teachers planning an orientation...

By Liz / July 2, 2015

Kelsea the next TSwift?

By Fox / July 2, 2015

Smoke Subsides After Hazardous Rail Spill in Tennessee

Smoke subsides after hazardous rail spill in Tennessee; thousands evacuated from nearby area

By ABC / July 2, 2015

Is Donald Trump becoming a Republican liability? (+video)

Thanks to his larger-than-life persona and his rambling, flamboyant, stream-of-consciousness speaking...

By Christian / July 3, 2015

Vertex's $259,000 Cystic Fibrosis Drug Approved

Vertex’s cystic-fibrosis drug Orkambi, which treats the most common mutation of the disease, received...

By WSJ.com: / July 3, 2015

Exposing Hollywood Pedophiles

On Friday night, July 3, New Yorkers can see [Amy Berg's] explosive new documentary on how pedophiles...

By Cliff / July 3, 2015

Gay marriage a done deal as political issue? Not so fast. (+video)

The Supreme Court's legalization of gay marriage nationwide does not resolve the issue politically. Start...

By Christian / July 2, 2015

473: Can HR Be Saved?

Peter Cappelli, author of the HBR article, "Why We Love to Hate HR...and What HR Can Do About It," on perhaps...

By Harvard / July 2, 2015

4 Couples, ACLU, Sue Kentucky Clerk Who Won't Issue Gay-Marriage Licenses

4 couples, ACLU, sue Kentucky clerk who won't issue gay-marriage licenses

By ABC / July 2, 2015

Solitary Confinement: 'One of the Most Barbaric, Inhumane Aspects of Our Society'

Shaka Senghor spent 19 years in prison, including four-and-a-half years in solitary confinement, where...

By Conor / July 2, 2015

Tell Us Your Health Care Plans, Republicans

Karl Rove, Wall St. JournalNow more than ever, it is imperative for every Republican presidential candidate...

By Karl / July 2, 2015

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet

In a different era’s Democratic Party, Jim Webb might be a serious contender for the presidential nomination....

By David / July 2, 2015

Under the Dome: "Redux" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow... "Hi, I brutally killed a teenage girl with an axe and I'm here...

By Matt / July 3, 2015

8 Remarkably Effective Ways to Bring Top Job Candidates to Your Door

You need a good employer brand. Here's how to get one.

By Minda / July 3, 2015

Photo: Lightning lights sky above Surfside Beach, SC, as storms pass through region - @SnydermanPhotos

Photo: Lightning lights sky above Surfside Beach, SC, as storms pass through region - @SnydermanPhotos

By Jimmy / July 3, 2015

17 Inspiring Quotes for Success from the World's Wealthiest People

There are remarkably powerful lessons to be learned about success from those who have already achieved...

By Peter / July 2, 2015

How America's Privacy Is Threatened by New Technology

Orwell's 1984 surveillance state has arrived. By scanning identifying characteristics of your body, a computer...

By Jared / July 2, 2015

5 Security Holes That Every CIO Should Know About

Here are five major security holes CIOs should know about before it's too late.

By John / July 2, 2015

John Boehner: "I'm Sorry, but a Gun Is Not a Disease"

Last week, after a shooter killed nine parishioners at a historic black church in Charleston, South...

By Jaeah / July 2, 2015

Severe thunderstorm watch issued until 9 pm CT for parts of Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas - @weatherchannel

Severe thunderstorm watch issued until 9 pm CT for parts of Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas - @weatherchannel

By Jillian / July 2, 2015

Same-Sex Marriage Simplifies Some Tax and Insurance Issues, Complicates Others

The Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling made things better for LGBT people, but it could make things...

By Inc.com / July 2, 2015